Natural Dog Company – Review

Natural Dog Company – Review

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well and thank you for visiting our site.


I wanted to share my experience with ordering from ‘Natural Dog Company’ which is based in the USA. I have been following NDC on Instagram and Twitter and saw they released ‘Bully Gnawers’ which generally in Australia we call a Bull Stick. If you are wondering what a Bully Stick is……… Yes that’s what it is…. (Bull Penis). I have found in stores such as PetBarn, they have the Bully Sticks for sale, but they are NOT cheap! They sell a pack of 10 for $38, this to me is a bit high for a Dog treat. We will buy George a pack of 10 Pigs Ears for $23 which equates to $2.30 an ear which i can deal with but $3.80 for a 15cm stick is a bit rich.

Anyway back to the Natural Dog Company, this company in my eyes is genuine and truly finding natural non evasive ways to cure the more common skin conditions, paw pad balms, dry noses and so on. These are issues that people take their pet to the VET for which ends up costing far too much money. A Vet consultation in itself here in Australia is $70, then whatever tests or medications after that on top of the cost. Having access to a good solid product is very humbling to me.

So let me share our experience with the products we purchased ‘Natural Dog Company

Here are a list of the products we purchased:

Travel Set | 3-piece – Snout Soother, Paw Soother, Pawtector

Bully Gnawer in the Skinny 6″ and Skinny 12″


I wanted to try the balms first before buying the larger sizes, this way i can ensure we will actually use them! So far i have been applying the Pawtector on George’s Paw Pads every other day once he has gone to sleep. It smells beautiful and really soaks into the pad leaving it soft and moist. George will occasionally wake up to the smell and have a taste haha!

The Snout Soother is quite nice too, although George’s nose isn’t dry as he has a healthy little puppy nose, but i have applied a couple of times more as a preventative.

In regards to the Bully Gnawers, we gave George the Skinny 12″ 7 days ago, and he is still working on it! Please keep in mind George is only 5 months old and his teeth are not adult teeth as yet, so probably lasting longer due to his lack of teeth lol. He loves to lay down and just gnaw away at the stick, its great as we can all relax!

I really do recommend Natural Dog Company products, they are all natural and are of high quality. The Bully Gnawers are a great way to give some time to your precious pup to devour and indulge in these amazing treats and also products!!

Discount Code Below


Also if you would like a 10% discount, please use George10 at checkout in the discount code.

Much love and happiness!

-Sammy & George!



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The Spit Dog Beach Surfers Paradise

Dog Beach #1  The Spit, Surfers Paradise, QLD

Hello everyone!

As we now have little George fully vaccinated, the quest of finding fun spots on the weekend for him to play and enjoy have now begun!

Last weekend we took George to a dog beach called ‘The Spit’ which is in Surfers Paradise, Queensland. We had so much fun, he was just amazed by everything! He was very polite with the other dogs approaching him, he was wonderful in the shallow water having a splash! We also let him off his lead to test his recall, and he did very well in not so busy areas with not TOO many distractions. George also met two other Frenchies which was wonderful, they had an amazing play.


The access to ‘The Spit’ is pretty straight forward, its straight down Seaworld Drive in Surfers Paradise, and parking wasn’t too painful (see below map). I recommend a hat and even a little beach tent as the sun was EXTRA hot!

So my review of ‘The Spit’ is certainly positive! The people were nice and the dogs were nice! I am rating it as dog-paw-print-clip-art-free-download-aiqepegqt11  4 paws out of 5. This could have been higher if there wasn’t so much traffic, which was really the only downfall.

Check out some more information regarding ‘The Spit’ here.

Over the coming weekends depending on the weather, I will share where we take George and how much he enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for reading, if you ever go to this dog beach, please comment below and share if you enjoyed it too.

-Sammy & George!

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Custom Frenchie Website Coming Soon!

Custom Frenchie Website Coming Soon!

Hello everyone!

In the coming months we will developing a new website based on French Bulldogs, where you can customise your own Frenchie cartoon! You can base it on your own pet Frenchie or a Frenchie you like the look of.

Once you have created your Custom Frenchie you can then add a background, you can download it as a picture and keep it OR you can get your Custom Frenchie printed on a T-Shirt, a Mug and other various media.

We will have a number of variations available for you to customise your Frenchie, with the most common coats available first. As we go along we will update the content providing more variations. Firstly the colors that will be available are:

  • Brindle
  • Fawn
  • White
  • Cream
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown

Along with these as the base coat colors, there will be various face and body markings to get your Custom Frenchie as close to what your pet Frenchie is, or your dream Frenchie.


Please follow us on the below social media to keep updated. We are so excited to get this completed for everyone to enjoy.



Your support and feedback is appreciated at all times, if you have any questions please email us on or message us on social media directly.

The future website once built will be


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Please Participate In Our Survey

Please click on ‘Start’ below to pariticpate in our Survey. This survey will help us determine what awesome content you would like to see in regards to French Bulldogs. Thank you! <3

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Swimming & French Bulldogs

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another George update! Now that George is fully vaccinated, we can start the adventures into the big wide world!

Yesterday we took George for his first plunge in a swimming pool! He had a great time, even though it was a little cold! So in preparation for this fun event, i did my research and came across the fact that Frenchie’s are not the best swimmers (read here for more information on French Bulldogs and swimming)


So i went on a mission to find George a decent life vest to help keep his head and body up above the water. The vest i found was locally available from World for Pets in Wacol Brisbane, they are located next to the RSPCA see website here.

I highly recommend the Ezydog life vest see website here, it is good quality and really does help keep your pup up and not go under. We got George the XS as this will allow for growth in the near future as the vest is very adjustable.

We did assist him at first with the swimming but after a little while he was doing it alone, such a smart little guy.

If you have any suggestions or other vests you recommend, please comment below!

-Sammy & George xox


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Boarding Kennels in Brisbane, QLD

Hello everyone!

So we are making the move down to Sydney, NSW! We will be leaving the beautiful sunny Queensland for a job transfer. We are of course bringing our little George with us so we want to make this process for him as smooth and as easy as possible.

We will have to go down to Sydney before the move to try and find a place to live. With that being said, we need to find George a Boarding Kennel to stay at for a couple of days. I have been doing my research and have found my top 3 boarding kennels in the Brisbane region that I will be making inquiries, see list below:

1. The Pines – Pet Resort


This place is GREAT! After browsing their website for 10 minutes, they provide all the information that you need to make that initial call and ask about availability. As we know French Bulldogs are quite high maintenance when it comes to climate, they can’t get too hot or cold. At The Pines Resort they have … wait for it … Super Luxurious Villas! Each of the Super Luxurious Villas includes:

• A comfortable, custom made bed with fresh linen (provided on arrival)
• Climate controlled environment (COOLING and HEATING)
• Flat screen LCD TV’s for unlimited entertainment
• Healthy, gourmet in room dining
• Continuous fresh water drinkers
• Friendly, twice daily housekeeping
• Own private outdoor terrace, to enjoy, at their leisure all day long!


I mean talk about doggy heaven!! If we book George into this kennel, I would certainly have peace of mind that he would be comfortable and entertained, as I know how much he loves watching TV!

The pricing of the Super Luxurious Villas are $55 per day for 1 pet. The Standard Dog Unit is $30 per day, so another $15 for all those creature comforts I know little George would love! Please see below contact information and website for The Pines – Pet Resort.

Phone – 07 5496 7526
Email –
Website –
Address – 1 Clinker Road, Elimbah, Queensland, 4516

2. Acacia Ridge Pet Resort


We actually have taken our old dog to stay here as recommended by a couple of friends. A stand out reason as to why this place is great are the staff, they are very friendly, accommodating and you can tell they love animals. Our previous experience was good, we had no issues and we had a very sleepy puppy when we arrived to pick her up.

Acacia Ridge Pet Resort offer the option of a Standard and a Luxury Suite for dogs with the Luxury Suite including:
• Complete with air-conditioning
• LCD televisions
• Luxury beds
• Pet-potties
• Patios with private grassed yards


All dogs must be vaccinated with a C5 minimum vaccination prior to boarding. Prices include all food, bedding, daily exercise and a hydrobath prior to departure. Canine Luxury Suites are $60 per dog per day, $40 per day for the 2nd dog from the same family and $30 per day for the 3rd dog. Please note, a 50% deposit is required to secure all Luxury Suite bookings. The Standard Kennel ranges from $25 – $27 per day depending on the size of your dog.

Phone – 07 3372 7674
Email –
Website –
Address – 102 Sherbrooke Road, Willawong, Queensland, 4110

3. The Pet Chalet


The Pet Chalet is a little quirky in its approach to dog boarding kennels. With their Executive Suite Boarding they have several different rooms for your furry doggies to stay for example: The Playroom, The Boudoir and others. I love the fun spin they have added to designing their rooms; they really look like a child’s bedroom.

Each suite is fitted with:
• Full size bed or trampoline style bed plus storage
• Individually air conditioned
• Flat screen television for that home away from home feel
• Each suite has a different theme


For the Executive Suite for 1 pet its $55 per day or for a standard kennel the price ranges from $24 to $35 per day.

Phone – 07 3374 1664
Email –
Website –
Address – 50 Carbine Rd, Upper Brookfield, QLD, 4069

I hope this has helped you on your quest to find the suitable boarding kennel for your pet. Any feedback and suggestions are welcome, please comment below!!

-Sammy & George

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French Bulldogs and Frogs!

Hello everyone!

So last night we were outside enjoying the nice warm weather, it had rained during the day but was still quite pleasant. It was dark, so my partner and I were standing where the light was and little George had ventured off down the side of the house, where it was dark.

We were chatting away and all of a sudden we hear this loud screaming!!! It sounded like a bat screeching, my first thought was a bat was attacking George!! I ran inside and grabbed the torch, the loud screaming was still going on! I shined the torch down to where George was, he was running towards us with a little something in his mouth. We ran towards him, he dropped what he had and stood back.

As I directed the torch on whatever this screaming victim was, we discovered it was a Green Tree Frog!!! Little George had picked up the frog and was running to show us!!

Of course the first thing we did was wash his mouth out with water, I ran him inside, put him in the bath and just kept feeding him water. After us quickly Googling “are green tree frogs poisonous to dogs” there  were several responses. Some were good, some were bad and a lot mentioned it depends on the breed. The main theme we saw was “vomiting, diahrea and depression” and that all this would occur in the first 60 minutes of the incident.

Now when these frogs scream they release a pretty nasty toxin through their skin, it literally smells like poop!! These toxins are not a death sentence but can make our furry friends a little sick.

About 20 minutes after washing out George’s mouth he vomited, I don’t see that as a bad thing as all his vitals were still good. About 20 minutes after the vomiting George went outside and had diahrea. One thing we noticed he kept licking his lips, this would be be from the toxins. So after about an hour of monitoring him he seemed normal but just tired. He slept on the rug and rested.

He slept the whole night like normal and woke up normal also. Talk about a relief he was ok!!! So I guess the reason why I’m sharing this is to share OUR experience with a 14 week old French Bulldog puppies encounter with a Green Tree Frog.

To all our readers outside of Australia, this is proof that not everything kills you here lol!

Much love!

Sammy & George

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Vaccination, Ticks & Fleas, Bites!

Hello everyone!

On Thursday George had an appointment at the vet for his final vaccination! We also took him down with concern over a little accident he had on Sunday. I was outside with him and he was running around like a crazy puppy! We have a balcony area and around the edge there is a step, so when he was running he misjudged the step and hit his left foot on the edge. He went down on his side and laid there looking at me!! I picked him up to see if he would stand but he was limping quite severely. We checked his leg, he didn’t yelp or anything. We thought to keep an eye on it and if the limp kept going to take him for an X-Ray but thankfully during the day the limp improved a lot, which was a relief!


We got to about Tuesday, my partner had mowed the lawns and George had a play on the grass after. On Wednesday we noticed a red area under his left leg with a bite mark, it looked annoyed and inflamed, and the limp was back!! Now we were really concerned but after a little while my partner pointed out, the bite mark was rubbing under his arm which may be causing the limp. I called the vet and booked an appointment for the Thursday morning, luckily they could fit us in. We went in told her about the Sunday event and showed the bite. The vet gave him a proper check of all his limbs and muscles, he didn’t look like he had any pain. The vet agreed that the bite mark could be causing the limp and didn’t think an X-ray was necessary, what a relief!! She prescribed him a cream we had to apply morning and night called ‘NeoCort’ which is an antibiotic, anti inflammatory. After two days of using it the bit has pretty much disappeared and our little guy is not limping anymore. George had his final vaccination, he now weighs 7kg’s!!! so in 3 and a half weeks he has put on 2.3kg’s! Amazing how fast he is growing. George also had his worming, flea & tick tablets too! So all in all it was a good vet visit, we are counting down the days until we can take him for walks on the 3rd of October!!


So this was our week, completely in love with little George! Always making sure he is okay and healthy.

Thank you for reading!

-Sammy & George!


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Known Issues with French Bulldogs

Hello everyone!

I have been doing some research on French Bulldogs to be prepared and ready IF something was to crop up having George. We live in a warmer climate being in Queensland and one of the first issues I read was, Frenchies are not so great in the heat and really appreciate Air Conditioning!

Here are the top 5 common issues that we will monitor with George’s health and just in general. As I said previously these problems are to do with a warmer climate (swimming, breathing and so on).


  1. Overheating can be fatal

French Bulldogs have a unique, lovable look, but that look comes at a cost. The shortened nose of the French Bulldog combined with the unique shape of the French Bulldog skull (referred to as brachycephalic syndrome) result in these dogs often having breathing difficulties.

Dogs do not have sweat glands and rely on panting to help dispel heat. All dogs of this breed have difficulty regulating body temperature because of the shortened nose and decreased air-intake ability. Warm-weather conditions that may pose only moderate discomfort for a larger, longer-nosed breed could prove deadly for a French Bulldog, and this is why it is so important for French Bulldog owners to be aware of the unique climactic needs of the French Bulldog.

French Bulldogs are not a dog that should be considered as an “outside” pet. They are not a breed to be left on a line outside. French Bulldogs were bred to be in-home companion animals; they are very well suited for this purpose, but the characteristics that make them excellent house dogs make them poor outdoor animals. In addition, French Bulldogs require care to be taken during periods of exercise.


  1. Are Frenchies Good Swimmers?

All bulldogs are generally bad swimmers because they are top heavy and have flat snouts. In other words, they sink very easy and have quite some trouble keeping their noses above the water line and breathing in the water. Off course, like everywhere else, there are some exceptions. Some Frenchies, mostly slim and younger ones, can swim for a while, but the general rule is: NEVER let your French Bulldog around water without a life vest and unattended! Seriously! Even with life vests, they have trouble keeping their charming little noses above the water.

See some vest options here



  1. Cherry eye

This is a condition that looks a lot worse that what it actually is. First signs you will notice is a cherry red bulge in the corner of your dog’s eye. It’s caused by the prolapse of the third membrane of the eye. Sometimes you can press the bulge and with slight manipulation gently put it back into place, in some cases it may never appear again but more often than not surgical intervention is needed. Please consult your Vet if you have any concerns. The cause of cherry eye vary from ‘someone kicked sand in my face’, overheating, hereditary etc.


  1. Frenchies and Flying!

French Bulldogs are a brachycephalic breed, meaning they have shorter snouts than other dogs. These pushed-in faces can lead to a variety of breathing problems. This facial structure, coupled with high stress and uncomfortably warm temperatures, can lead to fatal situations for dogs with smaller snouts. Many breeds like bulldogs and pugs have perished while flying, so as a result, many airlines have banned them.

Luckily there are special airlines just for pets, like Pet Jets. These companies will transport dogs with special needs on their own flights separate from their owners. There’s a human on board to take care of any pups that get sick or panic.


  1. Frenchies and being Social

I have always been a big advocate on socialising dogs as soon as possible. The earlier the better in my book, but with George we will be holding off any interaction with other dogs until he is fully vaccinated (3 more weeks!). We do not want to risk him getting sick!

French Bulldogs are good at making friends with other dogs, but they aren’t crazy about cats. They are active, playful and should have daily exercise due to their energy level.  After a burst of fun and games, they like to sleep it off for a while, usually in their owner’s chair or better yet, lap!


Well we hope you have enjoyed this article 🙂

I think sharing as much knowledge as we can together as a community will benefit each other.

Please if you have any advice post a comment below.

Thank you!

-Sammy & George

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10% Discount for Natural Dog Company!!

Visit Natural Dog Company’s website and use george10 for a 10% discount on some amazing natural products for our precious furry friends!!

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