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I wanted to share my experience with ordering from ‘Natural Dog Company’ which is based in the USA. I have been following NDC on Instagram and Twitter and saw they released ‘Bully Gnawers’ which generally in Australia we call a Bull Stick. If you are wondering what a Bully Stick is……… Yes that’s what it is…. (Bull Penis). I have found in stores such as PetBarn, they have the Bully Sticks for sale, but they are NOT cheap! They sell a pack of 10 for $38, this to me is a bit high for a Dog treat. We will buy George a pack of 10 Pigs Ears for $23 which equates to $2.30 an ear which i can deal with but $3.80 for a 15cm stick is a bit rich.

Anyway back to the Natural Dog Company, this company in my eyes is genuine and truly finding natural non evasive ways to cure the more common skin conditions, paw pad balms, dry noses and so on. These are issues that people take their pet to the VET for which ends up costing far too much money. A Vet consultation in itself here in Australia is $70, then whatever tests or medications after that on top of the cost. Having access to a good solid product is very humbling to me.

So let me share our experience with the products we purchased ‘Natural Dog Company

Here are a list of the products we purchased:

Travel Set | 3-piece – Snout Soother, Paw Soother, Pawtector

Bully Gnawer in the Skinny 6″ and Skinny 12″


I wanted to try the balms first before buying the larger sizes, this way i can ensure we will actually use them! So far i have been applying the Pawtector on George’s Paw Pads every other day once he has gone to sleep. It smells beautiful and really soaks into the pad leaving it soft and moist. George will occasionally wake up to the smell and have a taste haha!

The Snout Soother is quite nice too, although George’s nose isn’t dry as he has a healthy little puppy nose, but i have applied a couple of times more as a preventative.

In regards to the Bully Gnawers, we gave George the Skinny 12″ 7 days ago, and he is still working on it! Please keep in mind George is only 5 months old and his teeth are not adult teeth as yet, so probably lasting longer due to his lack of teeth lol. He loves to lay down and just gnaw away at the stick, its great as we can all relax!

I really do recommend Natural Dog Company products, they are all natural and are of high quality. The Bully Gnawers are a great way to give some time to your precious pup to devour and indulge in these amazing treats and also products!!

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-Sammy & George!



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