Dog Beach #1  The Spit, Surfers Paradise, QLD

Hello everyone!

As we now have little George fully vaccinated, the quest of finding fun spots on the weekend for him to play and enjoy have now begun!

Last weekend we took George to a dog beach called ‘The Spit’ which is in Surfers Paradise, Queensland. We had so much fun, he was just amazed by everything! He was very polite with the other dogs approaching him, he was wonderful in the shallow water having a splash! We also let him off his lead to test his recall, and he did very well in not so busy areas with not TOO many distractions. George also met two other Frenchies which was wonderful, they had an amazing play.


The access to ‘The Spit’ is pretty straight forward, its straight down Seaworld Drive in Surfers Paradise, and parking wasn’t too painful (see below map). I recommend a hat and even a little beach tent as the sun was EXTRA hot!

So my review of ‘The Spit’ is certainly positive! The people were nice and the dogs were nice! I am rating it as dog-paw-print-clip-art-free-download-aiqepegqt11  4 paws out of 5. This could have been higher if there wasn’t so much traffic, which was really the only downfall.

Check out some more information regarding ‘The Spit’ here.

Over the coming weekends depending on the weather, I will share where we take George and how much he enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for reading, if you ever go to this dog beach, please comment below and share if you enjoyed it too.

-Sammy & George!

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